Spicy Tuna Onigiri

Recipe Onigiri Onigiri is honestly one of my favorite snacks. I often remember picking them every time I had visited a convenience store in Japan. The best part about it was the amount of option, you can choose from. From traditional variations like the umeboshi onigiri to tuna onigiri, there is an onigiri for everybody. …

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Ramen Toppings – Chashu

RECIPE Intro: There is no definite way of determining which toppings are the best, it simply boils down to your preference or what some may say what’s appropriate to the type of ramen you want to experience. It is your personal preference. There is a wide array of toppings that you can choose add to …

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Tonkotsu Ramen – Aroma Oil

Recipe The aroma oil is fat that has been boiling in aromatics and it is added to the soup giving the ramen that glistening finish. Its functions can vary depending on who’s preparing the bowl like accentuating the flavor or adding an aroma that just pulls the ramen together. But, its most important role is …

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Tonkotsu Ramen – Shoyu Tare

Recipe Intro You would think that after 8-12 hours of making this broth for tonkotsu ramen, it would taste amazing. It did not. For the first couple taste test, I didn’t realize that the seasoning was in the tare all along. Tare is the main contributing factor in giving the broth that depth of flavor. …

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Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen – Ramen Series

Introduction to Tonkotsu I was asked what was the best ramen and what is the recipe. To answer this question, I did some research on the best, and that is tonkotsu ramen  What makes tonkotsu ramen different is The Broth. It is a white, thick, and creamy broth made from boiling pork bones. But knowing …

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