Hi, I'm Ray!

I am a video editor, content creator, and above all, a storyteller. In 2020, I discovered how powerful storytelling can inspire and build a community across diverse individuals. In combination with my passion for cooking, I wanted to inspire others to try recipes that I was raised on as well as educate about other cuisine across the globe to promote cultural awareness. 

Since then, I have developed a recipe blog, worked with food brands such as Tabasco and Mission Foods, and grown my own personal brand @Bellycheapcook on multiple social media platforms.

I have used Tik Tok as a platform to intentionally channel my expertise in video editing, storytelling, and content creation. I am looking to grow professionally as a copywriter / video editor with organizations and brands whose mission is build a connection and trust with their community. 

My works

Through Tik Tok, I have built a community by sharing my knowledge on cooking, recipes, and most importantly my stories.  The power is in the storytelling as it helps build the bridge to connect with so many individuals with experiences that we all can relate. Some of my greatest works incorporates thoughtful storytelling with visual elements as a backdrop. The story will always tell itself and it has become my passion to help articulate that. 



I partnered up with TABASCO to promote their branded sauces on my platform.

  • For TABASCO SRIRACHA SAUCE, I developed a spicy salmon poke dip recipe that incorporates the sweet and savory flavors of this sauce into a poke snack.  I achieve this by incorporating the trending seaweed rice paper crackers into the recipe. 
  • For TABASCO SWEET & SPICY SAUCE, I wanted to showcase how versatile this sauce as both a marinade and a dipping sauce. I made sure to incorporate shots of the sauce being integrated into the marinade as well as finishing the video with shot of sauce dripping from the chicken tender. 
  • For TABASCO CHIPOTLE SAUCE, I wanted to incorporate the strong smoky flavors of this sauce into the seasoning as well as the dip. 


For the celebration of Cinco De Mayo, Mission Foods reached out to us to promote their product Tortilla Strips. They sent over a campaign brief detailing possible recipes  and one of the options were nachos grande. 

In order to incorporate this product into my brand as well as respect the cultural significance of Cinco de Mayo, I chose to include the Filipino staple, chorizo, into this dish. Chorizo is a food that was integrated to the Filipino culture by the influence of Spaniards in the Philippines. I wanted to show that even though there are minor differences in our chorizos, it still the shares the same origin. 

One of the obstacles I faced during this collaboration was the time constraints as I had to complete a video concept and a video draft due three days after approval. I created the recipe and storyboard and gathered all the ingredients in preparation for the next day. On the second day, I completed the filming process and started to work on the script. Finally, I was able to finish post production and submitted it for approval. The brand had approved the video and I was able to successfully post the video within the deadline. 

Ecommerce Sample Videos

Tyson had reached out to me to work on producing Ecommerce videos for 6 products. They had prepared a campaign guidebook that elaborated on how each product was to be prepared and produced. Such requirements include closeup shots of the product as well as b-roll shots of the finished product. I was given a month to complete and submit 6 drafts with 2 rounds of edits. The clients were happy with the product and had only one round of edits. These two videos samples were some of my favorite work to this day.

Long-Form Video

As a part-time job, I create long-form videos for the YouTube channel of Villain Republic. As the main sole content creator, I am responsible for generating and sharing engaging and informative content on YouTube. My primary focus is to create high-quality food-related videos that showcase my culinary skills, promote the brand, and engage with the audience. I am responsible for the entire production process, from conceptualizing and planning to filming and editing the final product.

As a first-time content creator for long-form videos, it was a new and challenging experience for me. Creating content for YouTube is different from what I am used to, as it requires a higher level of production value and a more in-depth approach to storytelling. It was a bit overwhelming to juggle all of the responsibilities that come with the production process, but with time and practice, I became more comfortable and efficient in my role. With dedication and hard work, I was able to create high-quality content that resonates with audiences. 

Nordstrom - Art of the Perfect Pasta

I used my social media content creation skills to make a user-friendly video guide on how to prepare pasta dishes for Nordstrom. This video highlights the importance of quality, consistency, and creativity in our restaurant’s cooking. I filmed and edited the video to ensure it’s easy to follow and engaging. This resource is now used for training new line cooks, helping them understand and replicate Nordstrom’s culinary standards. My ability to switch from social media content creation to creating practical training materials showcases my adaptability and creativity in improving our culinary training program.