Pork Sisig

Recipe Sisig Sisig is easily the Filipino dish I would recommend to anyone. If you ever visit the Philippines, you must definitely give it a try, because it is one of the classics that I grew up on. No matter where you are in Philippines, Sisig stays consistently delicious, but they are not all the …

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Inihaw Na Liempo

Recipe Inihaw Na Liempo Inihaw na liempo is Filipino dish that I can guarantee that so many Filipinos can confirm to be the most delicious meal after a swim. There is no debate about that, because no matter how hot it is outside or tired I may be, I am immediately craving that grilled, juicy, …

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Spicy Tuna Onigiri

Recipe Onigiri Onigiri is honestly one of my favorite snacks. I often remember picking them every time I had visited a convenience store in Japan. The best part about it was the amount of option, you can choose from. From traditional variations like the umeboshi onigiri to tuna onigiri, there is an onigiri for everybody. …

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Pepper Lunch

Recipe Intro The Pepper Lunch franchise started in Ofuna, Kanagawa by Kunio Ichinose in 1994. Started out small, but since then, the franchise has reached global recognition as many can simply recognize the popular dish that is their mainstay, beef pepper rice. Their beef pepper rice consist of a mound of rice surrounded with beef …

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Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen – Ramen Series

Introduction to Tonkotsu I was asked what was the best ramen and what is the recipe. To answer this question, I did some research on the best, and that is tonkotsu ramen  What makes tonkotsu ramen different is The Broth. It is a white, thick, and creamy broth made from boiling pork bones. But knowing …

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Hanami Dango

Looking for the sweet version of our Mitarashi Dango? Try making this Hanami Dango recipe! This traditional Japanese rice ball gets the name “Hanami,” which translates to viewing Sakura or Cherry blossoms, because of it’s colorful appearance which resembles flower or spring time.  Hanami Dango is usually colored red, green and white using matcha powder, …

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Korean rice cake

Korean Rice Cake

Jump to recipe If you are a k-drama fan like us than you are no stranger to Korean rice cake or Tteokbokki. If you think you can’t make this at home, this Korean rice cake recipe will prove you wrong! Tteokbokki translates to stir-fried rice cake and the dish is exactly what it is! The …

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Kwek Kwek recipe

Kwek Kwek

Jump to recipe Cooking Kwek Kwek always reminds me of those rainy days back in Cebu where me and my classmates would run to the closest food stall after school to get this snack. We were always on our tippy toes, wanting to get a glimpse of this snack, as the stall owner deep fry …

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