Panda Express

Crab Rangoon

Crab Rangoon

Jump to recipe Whether you call it crab rangoon or crab wontons, this dish is just irresistible! The crispy wonton shell combined with the soft filling of cream cheese and crab makes the perfect combo. Crab rangoon is mostly found in American Chinese restaurants – combining the western flavor profile from cream cheese and engulfing …

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Chicken teriyaki recipe

Chicken Teriyaki

jump to recipe To be completely honest, I was first exposed to chicken teriyaki through Panda Express. I know, there are probably other places to get chicken teriyaki but this became my go to order aside from orange chicken and Beijing beef. I remember we even ordered a tray of chicken teriyaki when hosting family …

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Panda Express Orange Chicken recipe

Orange Chicken Panda Express

Jump to recipe Orange chicken is probably the first dish that pops up in your head when I mention Panda Express – and that’s no surprise! Panda Express’ orange chicken is not only flavorful and tangy but the crispiness is what makes us keep on wanting more. Well, this is your lucky day because we …

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Honey walnut shrimp

Honey Walnut Shrimp

Jump to recipe Yes, we’re coming back again at you with our version of Panda Express dishes! Honey walnut shrimp is actually my number one favorite childhood dish (they call it fried shrimp in mayo sauce) – I remember whenever we go out to our favorite Chinese restaurant, everyone would always order this dish because …

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Restaurant recipes at home

Panda Express Beijing Beef Recipe

Jump to recipe Our easy and quick Beijing Beef recipe below will bring back this signature dish straight to your kitchen – perfect for lunch or dinner with your loved ones  If you’ve been following us on Tiktok, you know we have been recreating the homemade version of Panda Express dishes. We remade the go-to …

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