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BellyCheapcook recipe

Meet Ray and Patricia!

Ray and Patricia are home-cooks who are always excited to try new flavors from different parts of the world! 🙂 

Ray was born in the Philippines and moved to the States when he was five. Growing up in a new cultural environment that was not too welcoming of his own cultural cuisines, he had to assimilate the Western diet. However, this did not stop his love for Filipino food as his parents made sure he knew where he came from through food. Over the years, he has grown to embrace cooking not only Filipino foods, but all kinds of food. Ray is now BellyCheap’s resident chef, so expect all kinds of recipes from all over the world. He really wants to just try and make everything that is delicious. 

Patricia grew up with a blend of various cultures. Growing up as a Chinese Indonesian in Indonesia, her childhood was surrounded by rendang, mapo tofu and risoles. While cooking has never been her forte (don’t worry Ray does most of the cooking recipes here and she is slowly learning from him 😉), Patricia does enjoy weekday baking and trying out new dishes!